Mar. 2014
Virtualware receives award from Once fundation

Virtualware receives award from Once fundation


The 10th edition of the ONCE Basque Solidarity Awards was recently celebrated in Bilbao, Spain. The ONCE Basque Awards were created with the aim to promote, distinguish and award the efforts of the organizations and individuals continuously collaborating in different fields such as: disability prevention, rehabilitation and integration, universal accessibility (in all sectors: architecture, urban planning, technology, education…) and the integration of disabled people in the labour market and society .

The qualifyiing jury for the awards selected Virtualware in the category of Social Economy Companies “For its contribution to the promotion and integration in the work place of those who are at risk of being excluded with the product VirtualRehab”

The companies which have been awarded include: Virtualware, ETB News, The Innovation in Education Department of the Basque Government, the Berakah Program, and Satur Garcia

The awards ceremony will take place on the 10th of April in the Ibaiondo Civic Centre in Vitoria, Spain. More details will be made available closer to the ceremony day.

About ONCE

In its 75 years of existence, ONCE has created a system of social benefits for the blind and visually impaired that has no equivalent anywhere else in the world. As a government agency with members taken from several ministries, ONCE safeguards the fulfilment of its social purpose and progressive adaptation to social, political and economic changes.

That same source of energy and illusion was behind the start in 1988 of an ambitious project: the ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and the Social Integration of the Disabled which, in 2013 celebrated its 25th anniversary. During this time the ONCE Foundation has generated more than 80,000 jobs for the disabled.

About VirtualRehab

VirtualRehab is a rehabilitation system developed by Virtualware and leading neurologists and physiotherapists. It’s aimed at helping people with neurodegenerative diseases, neuromuscular disorders or neurovascular disorders and even the elderly in order to improve balance, coordination and mobility.

For patients, therapy sessions using VirtualRehab are more pleasant and entertaining, as they face the challenge of playing different games customized by their physiotherapists with the aim of bettering their overall quality of life.


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