Apr. 2014
ASBEM introduces VirtualRehab for the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis

ASBEM introduces VirtualRehab for the rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis


Virtualware and ASBEM, the Association of Multiple Sclerosis in Burgos, Spain have unveiled in the town of Miranda de Ebro an engaging new virtual rehabilitation service. ASBEM joins a group of Rehabilitation and Treatment centres around the world using Virtual Rehab, which combines motion capture and videogame technology for the rehabilitation of patients with degenerative, physical and cognitive diseases.

This innovative product was developed by Virtualware, a leader in the serious games and simulation industries, together with neurology and rehabilitation specialists.

The main goal of ASBEM, is to improve the quality of life of people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis as well as that of their families and caregivers. To this end, ASBEM began using the virtual rehabilitation program VirtualRehab in March of this year for about 50 of its patients.

Begoña Castro, a social worker at the centre said that “the personalized attention given to patients is the main issue for us”.  This goal is achieved in VirtualRehab by allowing the physiotherapists to design customized exercises for each patient to work their balance, posture, movement problems in either one or all parts of their body. The exercises are designed in the form of videogames so that as the patient moves from one level of difficulty to another while improving their quality of life at the same time.

The association hired an additional physiotherapist to be able to provide a personalized treatment for each patient. The responsibility of treating patients with VirtualRehab will be shared between two specialists, which will allows them to increase the time dedicated to each patient, lasting from 30 to 40 minutes per session.

For Begoña Castro, this new way of treating patients is very attractive and anything but routine. «It is as if they (the patients) were playing, but without realising they are exercising at the same time in order to improve any disability. Moreover, it is very easy” she said.

About VirtualRehab

VirtualRehab is an innovative physical rehabilitation system which uses videogame and motion capture technology. VirtualRehab allows the treatment of different functions for the following pathologies: Neurodegenerative diseases, (Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s Disease), Neuromuscular disorders (Dystrophies, Myopathies, Amyotrophies and Neuropathies), Neurovascular disorders / Trauma (Stroke and Traumatic brain injuries), and Mobility for the elderly.

VirtualRehab has 9 different games to help treat various physical symptoms using customized physical rehabilitation programs. Virtualware simply needs a Kinect for Windows, a PC and a monitor. Each session is registered in a cloud-based platform that allows the physiotherapist to track the progress of patients from anywhere in the world.  

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