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Evolv is a CE certified medical device manufacturer specializing in software and hardware development in the Digital Health field, specifically for rehabilitation. We are a spin-off of the company Virtualware, where, since 2011, an interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers and market specialists has worked on creating solutions for rehabilitation using the latest virtual reality, motion capture, and gaming technologies.

We are passionate about helping people. Our team has come together to design engaging rehabilitation solutions that make a difference to those who face challenges in life.
The premise is simple, improve access and motivation to rehabilitation by leveraging digital technology. We believe that telerehabilitation will be an important facet of care in the future, and are working with clinical innovators to realise this vision. Our solutions are available through an international network of select distributors who exemplify excellence in the field of rehabilitation technology.


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Our company values



Ensure that our solutions build upon the latest evidence and insights from our world-wide clinical and research partners.


Invite every therapist, patient and carer who uses our products to become a partner on our road to developing great solutions.


Make patients active participants in their rehabilitation by leveraging technologies that can motivate, engage and inspire.


Transform the rehabilitation field through affordable technologies that improve care for different conditions.

Some of our clients and partners


Evolv is proud to work with some of the finest rehabilitation professionals in hospitals, clinics and academic institutions around the world who help us develop and validate our solutions. Our product development is driven by our direct interaction with all the main stakeholders in the rehabilitation pathway: patients, their caregivers, therapists and the institutions that provide therapy services. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in forming part of our academic and clinical network.


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