We are a medical device manufacturer that specialises in developing rehabilitation technology solutions.

Our mission is to advance the use of affordable technologies for rehabilitation that make a real impact in the patient care pathway.

We provide therapists with new tools that they can use with persons of all ages and levels of ability. From large rehabilitation institutions, smaller rehab clinics, care residences, or the home setting, persons using Evolv products can always expect a great user experience.

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Our Solutions

Can be used for neurorehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation and geriatric care.


Evolv develops a range of rehabilitation solutions that combine virtual reality with motion capture technologies. These solutions are designed to be adjunct to conventional therapy and have use cases in a variety of different pathologies. We build cost effective products for clinics and telerehabilitation, empowering patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation.


Our solutions are designed to increase the dose of task orientated training and are useful in the rehabilitation of different types of Acquired and Traumatic Brain injuries.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation
Orthopaedic rehab.

We offer solutions to increase access to engaging repetitive exercise for musculoskeletal patients following injury or surgery. These systems increase dose to rebuild range of motion and strength.

Geriatric care
Geriatric care

Our solutions are often used with seniors to help them work on balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina in a safe yet engaging manner in care facilities as well as in the home setting.

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