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Jul. 2018
VirtualRehab at the UCL Queen Square Upper Limb Course 2018


As part of our on-going efforts to work and learn from champions in neurorehabilitation, the Evolv team exhibited for its fourth year at the 2018 QSUL Upper Limb Course in London, England. The Queens Square Upper Limb Clinic (QSUL) at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery champions an intensive, high dose, multi-faceted treatment approach to stroke rehabilitation. The clinic, ran by Professor Nick Ward, has become a world reference for a service delivery model that puts the theory of intensive high rep rehab into practice....


Apr. 2018
Don Gnocchi Foundation Pilot Telerehabilitation Using VirtualRehab


Telerehabilitation is a model of care that aims to provide larger doses of therapy a patient’s home. Importantly, as a method, it seeks to enable therapists and not replace them. It does so by leveraging digital technology that allows clinicians to play a greater role in additional therapy patients choose to do in their own home. The Don Gnocchi Calo Foundation (DGF) has been working with Evolv since 2016 to explore the application of VirtualRehab in telerehabilitation settings....


Apr. 2018
Evolv empowering patients to improve outcomes


Since its launch in 2012, VirtualRehab has been a key player in the virtual and telerehabilitation industry. With the launch of Evolv we are happy to share our plans for the future of VirtualRehab. We have been very busy over the last quarter re-building our platform to facilitate a plethora of improvements to the system. We have listened to our partners and learnt a great deal about where YOU think VirtualRehab should go....


Mar. 2018
Evolv empowering patients to improve outcomes


Virtualware launches a new company with the goal of developing affordable rehabilitation solutions that can accompany a patient from hospital to home. After almost a decade of developing a series of software solutions geared towards neurorehabilitation through its Healthcare division, the company Virtualware saw an opportunity to create a spin-off wholly dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art rehabilitation products. The result is Evolv, a rehabilitation technologies company. Having reinforced the original development and sales team from Virtualware, Evolv will be led by David Fried in the role of CEO, and Rúben González as CTO....


Nov. 2017
VirtualRehab 4.0 debuts at Medica


Virtualware once again takes part at another highly successful Medica, presenting the latest version of VirtualRehab, including a Motor and Language Training module and a VR app for ADL training. Medica Medica Dusseldorf is the number one global medical technology trade fair, and is attended by nearly 120,000 visitors and more than 5000 exhibitors. Based on the success that Virtualware had last year when it exhibited in the ABHI (Association of British Healthcare Industries) stand, this year promised to be even busier with the new location in Hall 4, which is dedicated to rehabilitation and therapy solutions....


Sep. 2017
Virtualware at the NHS Care Innovation Expo as a Microsoft Partner


Virtualware participated in the seminal two-day NHS Care Innovation Expo in Manchester England this month. Our flagship neurorehabilitation product, VirtualRehab, was selected as a prime example of novel technology to enhance Microsoft’s ‘Empowering Health’ stand. The product was chosen as the centrepiece of the ‘home zone’ which was styled to represent a patient’s living room. VirtualRehab is an innovative virtual reality physical therapy solution that uses both the Microsoft Kinect camera and the Azure cloud to support its tele-rehabilitation services and acted as a perfect example of how Microsoft is supporting innovation in care....


Sep. 2017
VirtualRehab receives 3 awards at the ASPID Ibero-America


On September 6th, the ASPID Ibero-Aamerica Awards celebrated its 13th edition in Mexico City to recognize the best of communication and advertising in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in Latin America. It was truly an excellent night for Virtualware and VirtualRehab, as our Mexico scooped up a total of three awards from the seventy awards that were presented for the best healthcare initiatives and projects from the past year. The ASPID Silver Award...


Aug. 2017
Introducing VirtualRehab 4.0 at Rehabweek in London


Virtualware exhibits at another highly successful RehabWeek, presenting the new updates to VirtualRehab including a Motor and Language Training module and a VR app for ADL training. Having already presented the latest version of VirtualRehab, Virtualware’s CE marked motor neurorehabilitation platform, at the 5th Annual Queen Square upper Limb neurorehabilitation course in London and at the Ineba Conference in Buenos Aires in Argentina, the next event to demonstrate all the latest features of VirtualRehab was at RehabWeek in London....


Jun. 2017
Presentation of Essex University study using VirtualRehab with MS Patients at MS Frontiers


The abstract from the University of Essex has been one of the selected to be presented at MS Frontier in Edinburgh The annual MS Frontiers Conference, sponsored by MS Society UK, is being held in the city of Edinburgh this year. The conference will cover the following key topics: Immunopathology and causes of MS Neurodegeneration and myelin repair Predicting progression and biomarkers Prescribing and patient choice Technological innovations and self-management...


Jun. 2017
VirtualRehab 4.0 at 2017 Ineba Conference


Ineba, the Buenos Aries Institute of Neurosciences, provide assistance to people with neurological and psychiatric problems, combining human and technological methods of treatment. INEBA Foundation’s Project is based on three pillars: research, teaching and community work, following the guiding principle of collaborating to improve the quality of life of the patient and their family. The goals of the Foundation are to promote and support research studies; create health prevention and care programs; educate and update professionals in Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neurorehabilitation; and collaborate for the development of policies and strategies that guarantee the access to health for marginalized populations....