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Dec. 2023
UK Stroke Forum 23


Evolv proudly participated as an exhibitor at the 18th UK Stroke Forum (UKSF), held in Birmingham, England, from December 4th to 6th. Recognized as the largest multidisciplinary conference in the UK for stroke care health professionals, the UK Stroke Forum, which is organized by the the Stroke Association, is also a prominent international event in the field. Despite challenges such as train strikes and inclement weather leading up to the event, this year’s Forum drew an impressive record of 1800 attendees....


Nov. 2023
Singapore AIC


We are very pleased to announce that the EvolvRehab telerehabilitation platform is now registered as a “Fast Track” item on the Singapore government’s Healthcare Productivity Fund!. This is a very important step forward for both Evolv and healthcare innovation in Singapore. The Healthcare Productivity Fund was set up by the Singapore government to help support Community Care providers that are keen to adopt technology solutions that reduce the time and effort required to carry out labour intensive care activities, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy services....


Oct. 2023
Rehabweek 2023


Evolv was an exhibitor at the latest RehabWeek from September 24th to 28th in the city of Singapore. We participated with our exclusive partner in Singapore SANKHZ. Evolv had already participated in a number of RehabWeek conferences, which is a leading conference in neurorehabilitation technology. Since 2011, RehabWeek has allowed researchers, clinicians and rehabilitation technology companies from around the world to meet and discuss the latest in rehabilitation research and techniques....


Mar. 2023
Stroke Support Station Logo


Like many parts of the world, the number of people who have a stroke is on the rise in Singapore, especially for those between 40 to 59 years old. About 8,300 people have a stroke each year in Singapore, with about 25% of them being under 60 years old. Evolv is very pleased to announce that Stroke Support Station (S3), a leading charitable organization in Singapore made up of volunteers that assist stroke survivors and their caregivers, will begin to use EvolvRehab for telerehabilitation....


Mar. 2023
Roboticlever Staff testing EvolvRehab


The team from our Italian distributors Roboticlever® recently visited us to see our latest developments work and to get to know the Evolv team. It was a great opportunity to catch up and talk about current state of the rehabilitation field and healthcare in general in Italy, and to look at how Roboticlever is working to improve the lives of patients requiring neurorehabilitation through the use of the EvolvRehab platform....


Feb. 2023
Patient during Fall Prevention Program


We’re pleased to see the published study by researchers from the Abilities Research Center (ARC) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai at the Mount Sinai Health System which looked at whether the EvolvRehab Fall Prevention program is a feasible manner to provide therapeutic exercise to older adults at risk of falls. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related fatalities and nonfatal traumatic hospital admissions for older adults and the problem has become a critical issue for health and social care systems globally....


Dec. 2022
Stroke Survivor uses EvolvRehab


Evolv has been awarded Phase 2 funding of almost £800, 000 through the SBRI Healthcare Competition 18 ‘Stroke and Technology’. The funding is provided by the Accelerated Access Collaborative and the NHS England throughSBRI Healthcare in collaboration with the Stroke Association . Building upon its successful Phase 1 project completed in 2022, Phase 2 will allow Evolv to further develop a series of new features in EvolvRehab that allow stroke survivors to access from home high dose and intensive therapeutic activity that helps reduce impairment levels of the upper limb....


Aug. 2021
Nigel Skates Stroke Survivor


Nigel Skates has been one of the patients to use EvolvRehab and the RehabKit as part of the Hobbs & Winchester University Telerehabilitation project for stroke survivors which was funded by the NIHR Brain MIC. Nigel, who worked in IT before his stroke, is a big fan of using technology at home to help augment the amount of traditional therapy he is receiving, especially during the the current Covid crisis which has limited his access to such therapy....


Jul. 2021


Evolv announces that it has been invited to join the Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program. The program was created in early 2020 to assist purpose-driven social enterprises that use technology to achieve the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. It currently includes over 100 social impact organizations participating from every market. This latest recognition from Microsoft strengthens Evolv’s already close relationship with the technology pioneer and provide new opportunities of collaboration around the world....


Jun. 2021
Interview with Miriam Sanchez Reyes (ATAEM), Occupational Therapist


EvolvRehab has a long history of being used to treat persons living with Multiple Sclerosis and the therapists who treat them. The following is an interview with Miriam Sánchez de los Reyes, an Occupational Therapist who works at Multiple Sclerosis Association of Talaverana in the province of Toledo in Spain where she discusses her personal experience of using EvolvRehab with persons with MS...


May. 2021


Hobbs Rehabilitation in Winchester has been using EvolvRehab since November of 2020 to provide personalised telerehabilitation services to chronic stroke survivors in a project funded by the NIHR Brain MIC. Dave Lea was one of the first persons to begin using the Evolv RehabKit as part of the Hobbs Telerehabilitation project. His use of EvolvRehab at home is a good example of why telerehabilitation can make an important difference in patient care by providing an engaging way of performing repetitive therapeutic activity and increasing adherence to treatment....