From experts, therapists and patients


What experts say about VirtualRehab


Satya nadella, Chief Executive Office, Microsoft

Satya Nadella

Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

“Virtualware built a solution using Kinect connected to a PC that can be anywhere in a remote location….and then the physical therapy solutions are personalised. It’s amazing to see the innovation, the quality of innovation and then the democratization of that innovation……”

Nick ward, Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation Clinic Director, UCL Hospital, (UK)

Dr. Nick Ward

Upper Limb Neurorehabilitation Clinic Director, UCL Hospital,(UK)

“When we saw the possibilities that VirtualRehab offered, especially the customizable games and patient data monitoring, we were immediately interested in incorporating it into our existing services in Queen Square”

edro Carrascal, Manager of the MS Association of Vizcaya, Spain (ADEMBI)

Pedro Carrascal

President of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform

“The objectives we try to reach with traditional rehabilitation are also achieved when using VirtualRehab, which additionally improves the adherence to the treatments and the motivation of the patients”

Manuel Murie, President of The Spanish Neurorehabilitation Society)

Dr. Manuel Murie

President of The Spanish Neurorehabilitation Society

“With videogames like VirtualRehab, more brain regions are activated than in other kinds of traditional games because the execution of movements requires a planning which involves many more areas: the visual , hearing, motor and sensory systems. It’s difficult to activate all of these areas in normal therapy”

Juan Ignacio

Dr. Juan Ignacio Marín

Physiatrist, Hospital Aita Menni (Bilbao, Spain)

"VirtualRehab allows the training of abilities such as balance in sitting and standing, weight transfer and transitioning from sitting to standing. It also allows upper limb training in reaching different planes and the retraining of functional movements in order to reach different parts of the body which is required to carry out activities of daily living.”

Furio Gramatica, Director at Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi

Furio Gramatica

Director at Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi

“Our clinical protocols have been specially redesigned and, thanks to the flexibility of the Virtualrehab platform, the treatment can be easily adapted based on how the rehabilitation path is progressing. The innovative solution, allows to improve patient’s compliance, motivation and involvement and provides objective and quantitative measurement of the treatment effectiveness.”

What therapists think about VirtualRehab



Erika Otxoa, Responsible for physiotherapy services ADEMBI, Spain

Erika Otxoa

Responsible for physiotherapy services ADEMBI, Spain

“Although at the beginning I was reluctant to use videogames, as of today, our experience shows that VirtualRehab is a viable, comfortable and simple to use tool which improves the patients’ quality of life”

Erika Otxoa, Responsible for physiotherapy services ADEMBI, Spain

Jayne Coulson

Physiotherapist, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital, Essex

“Repetitive exercises are an essential part of treatment and rehabilitation for patients with neurological conditions, but they can become boring. And therapy assistants can be trained to support patients to use VirtualRehab, so that senior therapists have more time for other specialist patient care”


How patients feel about using VirtualRehab



Harrison, MS Patient, Basildon University Hospital, UK

Harrison Mockett

MS Patient, Basildon Univ. Hospital, UK

“I believe VirtualRehab played a vital part in the recovery from my first relapse. The program encouraged me to exercise and train my balance using a series of fun games. I could notice improvement each week when I was using this software”

Reg Staples, Paraplegic Patient, Basildon University Hosp, UK

Reg Staples

Paraplegic Patient, Basildon Univ. Hosp, UK

“It’s important for me to develop and maintain strength in my upper body and core muscles. I have to use my arms to move myself around, and I need to stretch and reach for things. Just from the exercises I have tried on the programme I can really feel I have don something.”