Sep. 2017
Virtualware at the NHS Care Innovation Expo as a Microsoft Partner

Virtualware at the NHS Care Innovation Expo as a Microsoft Partner


Virtualware participated in the seminal two-day NHS Care Innovation Expo in Manchester England this month. Our flagship neurorehabilitation product, VirtualRehab, was selected as a prime example of novel technology to enhance Microsoft’s ‘Empowering Health’ stand. The product was chosen as the centrepiece of the ‘home zone’ which was styled to represent a patient’s living room. VirtualRehab is an innovative virtual reality physical therapy solution that uses both the Microsoft Kinect camera and the Azure cloud to support its tele-rehabilitation services and acted as a perfect example of how Microsoft is supporting innovation in care.

The conference was a fascinating mix of healthcare professionals who are driving change in the British National Health Service. For the health service, 2017 is a big year, as they begin to roll out their vision for the ‘5 Year Forward View” – a large digital initiative aimed at modernizing the NHS. The Virtualware team enjoyed a range of interesting discussions with healthcare professionals on how digital health can optimize and improve the quality of care offered to service users in oncology, paediatrics and geriatrics.

Healthcare professionals were drawn to the solution’s potential for supporting patients who require access to personalised care in the home setting. By harnessing the motivating qualities of exergames and rehabilitation exercises, VirtualRehab can support the recovery of physical impairments following acquired brain injuries such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

As a company on the front line of digital health the expo was a promising insight into the future of healthcare. In the past, the NHS has been criticised for being slow to uptake digital health. However, the continued investment in industry collaboration by the National Health Service is starting to show dividends. The NHS has a range of innovators who are keen to hasten the digital health revolution. Several interested parties inquired about how Virtualware’s system can be supported in developing evidence and access in national healthcare settings. We are very excited for what the future holds and can’t wait to further strengthen ties with one of the world’s greatest social healthcare systems.

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