Sep. 2017
VirtualRehab receives 3 awards at the ASPID Ibero-America

VirtualRehab receives 3 awards at the ASPID Ibero-America


On September 6th, the ASPID Ibero-Aamerica Awards celebrated its 13th edition in Mexico City to recognize the best of communication and advertising in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in Latin America.

It was truly an excellent night for Virtualware and VirtualRehab, as our Mexico scooped up a total of three awards from the seventy awards that were presented for the best healthcare initiatives and projects from the past year.

The ASPID Silver Award

VirtualRehab, the telerehabilitation platform used to treat patients with neurological and physical impairments, won the SILVER ASPID award in the category of Medical Devices for the telerehabilitation campaigns it developed with charity Teleton in Panama and Chile.

This award recognized VirtualRehab as one of the key elements of the Teleton campaign “Teleton en Tu Comuna” in Chile. This initiative consists of offering virtual rehabilitation in rural areas through community rehabilitation centers, family health centers and other public healthcare institutions, which in turn are remotely monitored by specialized therapists from one of the main Teleton centers.

A similar project in Panama was also carried out providing virtual rehabilitation to remote areas of the country where there are limited rehabilitation services. Virtualware Mexico worked with the Panamanian National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (INMFR), to license, install and start up the VirtualRehab platform as well as train its healthcare personnel on the usage of VirtualRehab to assist in the physical rehabilitation of their patients with physical disability. The same campaign for Teleton was awarded another award in the Best Application of the year category.

Finally, VirtualRehab also received the award for Best Professional Application in technology campaigns applied to healthcare. This award recognizes the commitment of Virtualware in the field of health, where it aims to provide tools and technology solutions that improve the comprehensive care for persons living with some type of physical and/or neurological disability.

Unai Extremo, CEO of Virtualware commented on the ASPID awards “We’re extremely pleased with having won three ASPID awards as it’s a clear recognition by industry professionals of how VirtualRehab is helping patients with disabilities and their healthcare providers in various parts of Latin America. It’s also a recognition at the same time of the fine work by organizations like Teleton who are leading the way in providing much needed telerehabilitation services, using technologies like VirtualRehab, to remote areas throughout Latin America.”

About the ASPID Awards | www.premiosaspid.healthcare.com

The ASPID Awards for Communication and Advertising in Ibero-American Health and Pharmacy are the awards for excellence in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Spain and Latin America. For the past 20 consecutive years, the ASPID awards have been the benchmark of both the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Professionals of Advertising and Communication specialized in Healthcare in both Europe and Latin America.

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