Mar. 2023
Stroke Support Station Logo

EvolvRehab used by Stroke Support Station (S3) in Singapore to provide exergaming as part of stroke rehabilitation.


Like many parts of the world, the number of people who have a stroke is on the rise in Singapore, especially for those between 40 to 59 years old. About 8,300 people have a stroke each year in Singapore, with about 25% of them being under 60 years old.

Evolv is very pleased to announce that Stroke Support Station (S3), a leading charitable organization in Singapore made up of volunteers that assist stroke survivors and their caregivers, will begin to use EvolvRehab for telerehabilitation.

S3 will now be able to use EvolvRehab, a state-of-the-art telerehabilitation system which uses personalized exergaming programs, to provide additional therapeutic activity to stroke survivors of all ages and levels of ability directly in their own homes.

This project is the result of the excellent work being done by Sankhz, our exclusive distributor in Singapore, who are working with Evolv to help improve the lives of those who have suffered a stroke in Singapore!