Mar. 2023
Roboticlever Staff testing EvolvRehab

Evolv’s Italian partner Roboticlever pays us a visit.


The team from our Italian distributors Roboticlever® recently visited us to see our latest developments work and to get to know the Evolv team.

It was a great opportunity to catch up and talk about current state of the rehabilitation field and healthcare in general in Italy, and to look at how Roboticlever is working to improve the lives of patients requiring neurorehabilitation through the use of the EvolvRehab platform.

Roboticlever is actively promoting the use of EvolvRehab in Italy to help improve the rehabilitation experience for persons with neurological and age-related conditions.

If you are in Italy and wish to get more information about EvolvRehab, please feel free to reach out to them at info@roboticlever.com.

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