Nov. 2016
Preview of VirtualRehab 4.0 at the UK Stroke Forum in Liverpool

Preview of VirtualRehab 4.0 at the UK Stroke Forum in Liverpool


Virtualware will once again participate in the latest edition of the UK Stroke Forum Conference, organized by the UK Stroke association and endorsed by the World Stroke Organization. Once again Liverpool will be the host to the event, being held from the 28th to the 30th of November, bringing together over 1400 health professionals from the UK and around the world, to share their expertise and best practices in the study and treatment of stroke.

After a highly successful debut at the Medica fair in Düsseldorf, the UK Stroke Forum is the second stop for Virtualware to show a preview of the upcoming VirtualRehab 4.0, which will be released in early 2017.

VirtualRehab was the first rehabilitation platform to receive CE marking and has been incorporating improvements and functionalities since its first release in 2011 through Virtualware’s partnerships with leading neurologists and therapists in the UK and around the world. The product helps patients exercise both lower and upper extremities of their body, including their hands, through therapeutic game-like exercises that usethe Microsoft Xbox One and Leap Motion sensors.

David Fried, Director of Product and Business Development for VirtualRehab, says of the upcoming version:

 “We continue to work intensively on improving VirtualRehab and we’re lucky to have an excellent group of professionals from around the world using VirtualRehab and giving us very in-depth feedback that we’re using as the basis of our development work. For example, we’re overhauling the management system to simplify the process of customization of games and follow-up of patients’ evolution based on what therapists have told us over the past year. We’ve also included a new ROM assessment module, and exercise module for telerehabilitation as well as adding new exciting exergames, again based directly on the feedback of the therapists and patients using our platform, many of whom will be at the Stroke Forum”.

Currently VirtualRehab has distributors in over a dozen countries and has been translated into 6 different languages. To date, VirtualRehab® has surpassed 20,000 game sessions, and is close to 2000 hours of play by patients with a variety of neurological and physical conditions, including stroke surivors.


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