Nov. 2023
Singapore AIC

EvolvRehab now Fast-Tracked in Singapore's Healthcare Productivity Fund.


We are very pleased to announce that the EvolvRehab telerehabilitation platform is now registered as a “Fast Track” item on the Singapore government’s Healthcare Productivity Fund!. This is a very important step forward for both Evolv and healthcare innovation in Singapore.

The Healthcare Productivity Fund was set up by the Singapore government to help support Community Care providers that are keen to adopt technology solutions that reduce the time and effort required to carry out labour intensive care activities, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

Being a fast-track item in the Healthcare Productivity Fund means that organizations that provide community services in Singapore can now apply for substantial subsidies from the Singapore government to acquire EvolvRehab software and hardware to provide telerehabilitation.

EvolvRehab aims to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation by offering a comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly platform to provide remote care to patients of all ages and levels of disability from clinical to residential settings.

We would like to thank our Singapore partner Sankhz who played a key role throughout the vetting process by the Singapore government. Sankhz have already landed a number of important telerehabilitation projects in Singapore, and we’re sure that with EvolvRehab being available through the Healthcare Productivity Fund, many more doors will soon be opened.