Apr. 2018
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VirtualRehab, ready for the future


Since its launch in 2012, VirtualRehab has been a key player in the virtual and telerehabilitation industry. With the launch of Evolv we are happy to share our plans for the future of VirtualRehab.

We have been very busy over the last quarter re-building our platform to facilitate a plethora of improvements to the system. We have listened to our partners and learnt a great deal about where YOU think VirtualRehab should go. We found that future directions, concepts and functionality required a pragmatic approach to VirtualRehab. As such, we have reconstructed the platform from scratch with a new focus on scalability and adaptability.

Re-building VirtualRehab’s architecture will allow us to dynamically expand the system to different healthcare settings like never before. We aim to deliver a product that compliments your care pathways no matter the geographical location. As such, the new system will be followed by rapid updates to the core product. Expect new statistics, new games and a host of new features!

In the words of Ruben Gonzalez, CTO of Evolv: “The Evolution of VirtualRehab to a whole new level was a need that we had detected a long time ago. We found ourselves in a position where we were working in healthcare settings with different needs and found the technology (and opportunity) around us adapting at a rate which required a more flexible system. We re-designed the architecture using the latest tools to enable us to adopt new technologies and to dynamically adapt to our partners needs. We have a long history of being involved with the latest technologies and pride ourselves in having a team which lives and breaths the latest in digital health. Thanks to this approach we have seized the opportunity to build a product that will continue to be a heavyweight in this exciting telerehabilitation sector.

A catalyst for this undertaking was the news that, in October 2017, Microsoft were to stop the manufacturing of the Kinect sensor.

As of March, we have integratred the Orbbec Astra camera and are currently going through the process of internal testing and validation. We are also happy to report that we have made contacts with other established manufacturers of alternative motion capture technology and will be sharing further news on these developments in due course.

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