Nov. 2014
VirtualRehab participated in the Annual Meeting of the SEN

VirtualRehab participated in the Annual Meeting of the SEN


On November 20th, VirtualRehab was presented as part of the event “Update on Neurodegenerative Diseases” organized by the Spanish Alliance for Neurodegenerative Diseases (NeuroAlizanza) that formed part of the LXVI Annual Reunion of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) that took place in Valencia.

The event combined the meeting of patients, social and healthcare and representatives of various public institutions to study the strategic priorities related to Neurodegenerative Diseases not only on at the social and healthcare level, but also to share the latest scientific and medical advances in the field. The importance of the patient-doctor relationship and its importance in confronting diseases was also analyzed.

Pedro Carrascal, the director of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Spain, was the moderator of the roundtable “New technologies used to treat Neurodegenerative diseases” where VirtualRehab was one of the innovative solutions presented.

VirtualRehab is a clinically validated and CE certified physical rehabilitation software that uses videogame technology and has been developed in collaboration with neurologists and physiotherapists. It is being used to treat a wide variety of neurodegenerative, neuromuscular and neurovascular diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson´s disease, brain injury, Alzheimer´s disease, Stroke, dystrophies, and even with the elderly to help improve mobility.

Erika Otxoa, the physiotherapy service manager at the Association of Multiple Sclerosis of Vizcaya (ADEMBI) in Bilbao, Spain, presented the case study of VirtualRehab and the various benefits and positive outcomes it has provided to the patients in ADEMBI. Speaking of the patients, Erika noted “They’re fighting against the videogame and not their disease is what motivates them even more”

More info: http://neuroalianza.org/actualidad/un-mayor-conocimiento-y-la-sensibilizacion-en-enfermedades-neurodegenerativas-permitiran-avanzar-en-la-mejora-de-la-calidad-de-vida-de-las-personas-afectadas/

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