Jun. 2020
VirtualRehab has Evolv-ed!

VirtualRehab has Evolv-ed!


Evolv has announced the launch of EvolvRehab, the successor to the ground-breaking VirtualRehab platform, which also coincides with the launch of version 5 of our virtual therapy solution. EvolvRehab also marks the next step in Evolv’s roadmap of offering proprietary hardware solutions which incorporates the new Microsoft Azure Kinect.

More than a simple rebranding, the CE marked EvolvRehab platform builds upon VirtualRehab’s pioneering use of Virtual Reality and Motion Capture technologies combined with gamification to complement traditional treatment plans in neurological, orthopaedic, paediatrics rehabilitation and geriatrics care and prevention. Evolv’s is to strengthen its role in the evolution of rehabilitation technologies both in clinical settings and in the homes of patients.

As part of the updated EvolvRehab Body product, Evolv has added a new Fall Prevention program for older adults. The structured program combines a wide range of exergames, video tutorials, tips and questionnaires to help train balance, flexibility and strength and was developed in conjunction with clinicians and researchers specialising in geriatrics care and fall prevention.

The aim of the EvolvRehab Fall Prevention program is to promote a continuous and enjoyable exercise regime for older adults, reduce falls and ensure a high degree of autonomy and quality of life. An initial study with older adults in a residential care home in Vizcaya, Spain showed very promising results in terms of reducing the risk of falls with users commenting on the usefulness of the program for them.

EvolvRehab Body also includes an early adopter version of the Motor And Language Training (MALT) program that uses dual tasking exergames to simultaneously engage the motor and language systems. MALT was developed in conjunction with Reading University’s School of Biomedical Engineering and School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences.

EvolvRehab has an improved telerehabilitation functionality with new features designed to better engage patients in their own home. Through the incorporation of Teams in EvolvRehab, another first in the field of virtual rehabilitation, EvolvRehab helps maintain the vital relationship between therapists and patients remotely. Given the complications of providing rehabilitation in clinical settings during the Covid-19 outbreak, the EvolvRehab telerehabilitation service can help healthcare institutions deliver remote care to patients anywhere in the world. The launch of these exciting series of new products is part of Evolv’s plan to continue improving upon its existing product line as well as bringing out new solutions that help improve the lives of persons with a variety of conditions and disabilities and promote telerehabilitation.

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