Jul. 2018
VirtualRehab at the UCL Queen Square Upper Limb Course 2018

VirtualRehab at the UCL Queen Square Upper Limb Course 2018


As part of our on-going efforts to work and learn from champions in neurorehabilitation, the Evolv team exhibited for its fourth year at the 2018 QSUL Upper Limb Course in London, England.

The Queens Square Upper Limb Clinic (QSUL) at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery champions an intensive, high dose, multi-faceted treatment approach to stroke rehabilitation. The clinic, ran by Professor Nick Ward, has become a world reference for a service delivery model that puts the theory of intensive high rep rehab into practice. Every year, the team at the QSUL open their doors to clinicians and researchers from all over the world to demonstrate their approach and host a range of cutting edge academic presentations.

This year the conference included talks from esteemed research clinicians including Dr Margaret Mayston, Professor Gert Kwakkel and Professor Jane Burridge. QSUL’s Head physiotherapist Fran Brander and head Kate Kelly presented their approach to integrated upper limb management within the clinic. While Professor Nick Ward shared further insights into what the QSUL approach delivers, including pre-published data on daily averages of active upper limb rehabilitation which was impressive to say the least. An average patient at QSUL spends 2.6-3 hours per day (not including rest or setting up) carrying out 700-900 reps of upper limb rehabilitation.

A key element of the QSUL approach is to integrate multiple different intervention types including CiMT, functional task training, group therapy, robotics, virtual reality and most importantly patient education on rehabilitation.

Our system, VirtualRehab has been used by QSUL within this model since 2014. We work with the QSUL clinicians to generate insights for the future of VirtualRehab. Given the close relationship and tremendous respect we have for the message they are championing, we are always very excited to return to their annual event. From our perspective, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate our ethos and products to some of the very best names in rehabilitation.

We would like to thank everyone who provided two days of stimulating conversation on the future of rehabilitation and how products such as VirtualRehab will play a role. We look forward to working with you and can’t wait for next year’s event.

You can find more information about the QSUL Upper Limb Clinic here: QSUL Upper Limb Clinic

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