Sep. 2019

VirtualRehab 4.4 now available with 3 new exergames


We’re excited to announce that we just launched VirtualRehab 4.4. We’re always looking to find new ways of getting persons using VirtualRehab to increase intensity and dose of repetitive movements by making rehab a bit more fun. And we think these new exergames will definitely help with that goal. We’ve also added a bunch of improvements based on feedback from our users. The 3 new exergames have been added are:

Touch & Dodge: An “endless running “styled obstacle course where the user needs to perform various movements of their upper and lower extremities to either avoid obstacles or reach objects. This exergame helps improve balance, coordination, weight transfer, balance, reaching and hand-eye coordination. It’s a perfect game to use in fall prevention sessions as well.

Dirt Devils: Users have to perform a series of cleaning tasks to get rid of dirt monsters around the house using a variety of movements. There are 4 cleaning tasks to choose from which include ironing clothes, washing dishes, vacuuming the floor and cleaning windows. The game can be part of ADLs training in standing or seated position to help work on coordination, reach and balance. Therapists can incorporate real world objects into the exergame like a sponge, squeegee or a mop pole.

Sparring: This our new boxing-style game. This time the user is in training in the gym and sparring with their opponent to work on their jabs and uppercut. It has a wide variety of targets to choose allowing the therapist to treat patients with various ability levels. The game can be played standing or seated and is a great way to work on reach, weight transfer, balance and hand-eye coordination. Therapists can add weights or bands to add resistance to the game.

We’re looking forward to seeing how therapists and their patients use these new exergames as part of their rehabilitation mix for treating stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions.

As we always tell patients using VirtualRehab - “Play, enjoy, improve!”